October 9 Member Meeting & Educational Session

In continuation of our focused panel discussions regarding Information Governance, October’s session will discuss Knowledge, Passion, & Curiosity.

For most folks, it has always been a real struggle to keep the fires of passion burning. So much of what takes place in our world can douse those flames – leaving a smoldering mess. What can we do to keep those flames burning brightly with passion, enthusiasm, and curiosity?  While also infusing them with the knowledge and ability needed to stay ahead of the game?

Bill Millican will be moderating this discussion between Robin Woolen, Kevin Joerling, and Bob Featherston.

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September Newsletter

ARMA Magazine Articles to Note:

  • Concerns over FaceApp Remind Us That Users May Not Fathom the Permissions They Grant
  • A Pair of Foundational Concepts (Words Matter)
  • Big Bucket Retention: Objectives, Issues, Outcomes
  • Delaware Court Affirms emails and text constitute corporate books and records
  • Judge’s Ruling May Provide Clues to the Outcome of Employee’s “Dropbox” Privacy Suit
  • Mapping Document Management Processes (Leveraging an Information Lifecycle)
  • Mind Tools for Managers: A Crash Course in Effective Management Skills
  • And much more!


ARMA Conference:

October 21-23 in Nashville TN!!! Hope to see you there!!!

Keynote speaker, Kathryn Rattigan, will speak on the risks, practices, and policies of genetic data sharing


Resources & Courses:

Professional Members – Be sure to check the Learn tab on ARMA Intl. website for a list of FREE resources from A-Z!

Three Tips on How to Deal with Change:

  1. Be flexible and learn to embrace change. Change is an important aspect of life.
  2. Face your fears. We all experience fear when it comes to change. Try to reflect on a past time when you overcame change and know you can do it again.
  3. Focus on what you can Change happens whether we want it or not. Remember you can control your attitude and your actions.


Next GKC ARMA Chapter & Educational Meeting:

October 9, 2019 at National Archives!


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September 12 Kick-Off Meeting

It can be challenging to explain Information Governance. Why is it called Information Governance? Who decided that what was once called File Management was changed to Records Management was changed to Information Management and now is called Information Governance? What is the difference? How does Information Governance help a company in ways that a Records Management program does not?

The Greater Kansas City ARMA Chapter is launching a series of monthly educational sessions focused on answering these questions. Each session will feature a panel of industry experts discussing that month’s featured topic as well as answering audience questions.

The kick-off session will be focused on the topic “The Future of Records Information Management & Governance – What Role Will You Play?”. The panel will discuss the types of skills and critical knowledge elements needed by today’s practitioners.

Do you have questions about the Board? Learn more about our GKC ARMA Board positions on our About Us page.