Jan 13 Chapter Meeting & Educational Session

Information Governance & eDiscovery

As the RIM and IG leader in your organization, are you leading the charge to leverage the science and strategies of eDiscovery? If you are not, you could be placing you and your organization at unnecessary risk.

On Wednesday, January 13, 2021, Mr. Bill Tolson will be leading a one hour discovery presentation and discussion. We are going to more clearly define why today’s IG professional must know what eDiscovery does, the process it follows and why that is critical to the success of Information Governance.

If what you do lands anywhere close to the management and governance of records and information you must attend this meeting. This is an ideal way to take value from 2020 and launch 2021 with new, vibrant and critical pieces of knowledge that could make a real difference in your career.

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Bill Tolson is the Vice President of Global Compliance & eDiscovery, Storage, Cloud Archiving, Information Management and eDiscovery at Archive360, Inc. He is a corporate subject matter expert on all global regulatory compliance and eDiscovery matters. His focused responsibilities include working with the Archive360 sales team, the professional services group, and with our customers to ensure all aspects of their regulatory requirements are addressed successfully. Bill’s work requires strong collaboration skills, the ability to convey new opinion and ideas through publishing thought leadership articles, and the ability to form partnerships and working relationships throughout both the Archive360 organization as well as within the customers with whom he is working.

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