Feb 10 Chapter Meeting & Educational Session

C-Suite – Communicating Successfully

It is 7:30 AM on Tuesday morning and you’ve just exited the elevator on your floor. Your cell phone dings notifying you that at 9 AM, in 1.5 hours, the meeting you’ve been wanting with your organization’s COO and CLO has been scheduled. You have been summoned to the COO’s office and are being provided 30 minutes to present your case. As you cover the distance between the elevator lobby and your office, what thoughts run through your head?

  • 30 minutes
  • Am I dressed okay
  • What is most important
  • How should I begin my conversation
  • What should I take with me
  • What do they really want to know
  • What do they really need to know
  • I wonder if they really like me
  • Do I really like them
  • Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc…

During this meeting, Bill Millican will facilitate as the moderator: The Interviewer. Each of our guests – Kate Mortensen, Robert Rippentrop, and Peter Sloan – will join us for about 15 minutes each and will answer the same very frank question asked by Mr. Millican.

This is a MUST ATTEND meeting. Between these three, there is close to 100 years of executive leadership experience. For decades, they have been engaged with the type of discussion you are going to have at 9 AM on Tuesday morning.

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Kate Mortensen is the Chief Legal Officer at Xact Data Discovery, a leading provider of eDiscovery services based in Merriam, Kansas.

Robert Rippentrop is the COO at Tak Points and also the COO and Partner at B2G data, LLC. He is the former President and Partner at Media Services and Shred Time.

Peter Sloan is the Managing Member at Information Governance Group, LLC and a former Partner with the Kansas City law firm of Husch Blackwell.

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