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Information Governance Resources:

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Certified Records Manager (CRM) Certification:

The CRM certification is awarded by the Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM). CRM candidates must meet education and experience criteria before being approved to sit for a six-part exam. The first five parts consist of 100 multiple-choice questions. For Part 6, candidates are asked to write two case studies on specific records management issues. Candidates have five years to complete the exam cycle.

The GKC ARMA Chapter strongly supports all its members who pursue certification. We also have members that participate in the ICRM’s formal CRM mentoring program. For more information on the GKC CRM Mentoring program, please contact the Director of Education at

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Certified Records Analyst (CRA) Certification:

The CRA certification can be achieved by completing Parts 2-4 of the CRM certification.

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Information Governance Professional (IGP) Certification:

The IGP certification is awarded by ARMA International. The test consists of 140 multiple-choice questions.

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