Dec 9 Chapter Meeting & Educational Session

To bring 2020 to a close, we’ll be Going Beneath The Surface to discuss “Above or Below – this is the Question?”.

Shall we store our physical records and electronic media above or below the surface? Not everyone has this option close at hand, so for them this may be a moot point, maybe. Even if an organization is not physically located near underground storage opportunities, this doesn’t mean they should “not” consider it. There are a lot of questions that need to be asked and answered.

Join Lisa Gehrke, of Underground Vaults & Storage and GKC ARMA Chapter member, and Bill Millican, GKC ARMA Director of Education, as they guide us through a look at the underground storage world and a discussion over some of the more popular questions that are asked. This will be an excellent opportunity to learn, or to refresh upon what you might already know, about the vast underground storage world.

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