May 8 Member Meeting

Thank you Jocelyn Gunter for today’s presentation on Information Risk and Compliance – check out and create a free account.

Members can access the presentation on our GKC ARMA Group site. Here is a direct link. (You may need to sign into the group).

Stay tuned for our May event sign up. More details will be on the events page soon.

Feel free to bring coworkers and any members of your IT staff who may be seeking to learn more about compliance with digital information regulations and best practices at NO charge.

Here are more details about what we have planned for April, May, and June.

  • May 8 – Surviving an Audit – Rob Seibolt, CRM
  • June 12 – Member Appreciation – GKC ARMA Board

Looking for something from the past? We will be posting past presentations on our ARMA Chapter Group home, which is available here.

The ARMA Education Foundation has several opportunities and needs for ARMA members:

Do you have questions about the Board? Learn more about our GKC ARMA Board positions on our About Us page.