Welcome to Our 2013-14 Chapter Year!

Welcome to the GKC ARMA Chapter Website

The Board of Directors for the 2013-2014 year is poised to lead you through an exciting year of value-packed education and networking events.  In fact, we’re stepping out of our comfort zone this year.  We’re giving our website a good tune up.  We desire to make it more user friendly – from site navigation to paying online – and we are eliminating some things behind the scenes that don’t require an IT degree, yet without compromising security.

The website is not the only thing with a new look.  Look for new education content and fresh faces for each chapter meeting. We have hosted many great speakers from our area and within our own chapter.  We’re stepping out of our comfort zone and looking for more experts and colleagues that can share their expertise with us, too.

Will you considering stepping out of your comfort zone this year?  For some, this might mean attending your first meeting; for others it may mean to attend a few more or all of them this year!  Perhaps it means getting more involved.  There are opportunities to serve on several committees.  Just ask any Board member!

And one more thing.  Do you know someone that would benefit aligning with the Greater Kansas City ARMA Chapter?  Will you purpose to invite someone to attend a meeting with you this year?  Together we can create a network that works.

Live long and file.

Paul McCulley
GKC ARMA President