Welcome to Our 2016-17 Chapter Year!

2016 – 2017 Chapter Year

The October 12th session is open for registration now until October 7th. Please sign-up on our Events page.

The upcoming October meeting will feature a discussion over the Session of the Month “Implementing Effective Records Management Audits” (Arma.org, click on My ARMA, scroll to the session of the month, then Featured Sessions, choose CF15-4423)

This will be a great opportunity to share your experience as well as your thoughts over the session offered. It will also be a great way to get ideas for your organization so have your ideas and questions ready!

I look forward to seeing each and every one of you at the October 12th meeting at the Plaza III Steakhouse.

Thank you all for your interest and participation in YOUR ARMA Chapter.

Deborah (Debi) Quiroz

GKC ARMA President 2016-2017