Are you Ready for 2017?

Get Ready to Hit 2017 Running!

Our March session will focus on Data Privacy and Information Security. Join us to hear first hand experiences from a Lawyer dealing with this vital subject.

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Title:  Stories from the Summit:  Lessons Learned from Successful Privacy and Security Programs

Description:  As data privacy and security risks and regulations continue to expand in the United States and the rest of the world, organizations are recognizing the need to implement new or improved privacy and security programs.  During this presentation, privacy and security “Sherpas” will guide meeting participants from base camp, where risk assessments are conducted and necessary preparations made, to the summit of the mountain, where mature privacy and security programs are in place.  Along the way, they will discuss strategies for avoiding crevasses (e.g., implementing game plans for compliance with particularly challenging privacy and security obligations) and surviving rockslides (e.g., data breaches) that inevitably will occur.  Looking up at the mountain from base camp can be intimidating, but the view from the summit is oh so rewarding….

Board Elections are coming up!  Thank you John & Tanner!

We are fortunate that several of our board members have committed to staying beyond their 1 year term. However, we are shedding a tear for two members who have stayed as long as their terms allow and now must leave us in May, John Bondurant our Treasurer, and Tanner Rapelye our Director of Education.

Are you good with money? Do you have experience organizing training?  Even if you don’t these positions are a great way to learn!

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Have a heart in February.

#GKCARMA is sponsoring Ozanam for the 2017 calendar year. Ozanam’s mission is to provide safe and nurturing environments so at-risk youth and young adults can be successful. Please visit our Charity page to learn more or tweet to @ozanamhome

If you are interested in older presentations or information, these can be found in our Archives.

Thank you all for your interest and participation in YOUR ARMA Chapter.

Deborah (Debi) Quiroz

GKC ARMA President 2016-2017