January 10 – Project Initiation / Networking for Stakeholders / Project Plan and Timeline

Your GKCARMA Board wishes you, your families and your coworkers a very merry holiday season and will look forward to kicking off 2018 with the following schedule. Save the Dates!

  • January 10 – Completing the Project Plan and Timeline for RM
  • February 14 – Loving the Execution of Your Records Management Program
  • March 14 – Records Management Program Risk Mitigation
  • April 11 – Case Studies from Members – How has this training helped you?
  • May – Member Appreciation – Looking toward 2018-2019

For January we are covering several topics, Project Initiation, Networking for Stakeholders, Completing the Project Plan and Timeline. Come learn more from each member of the board about the strategies we use to network. You might be surprised to find how different we each approach this topic. A location will be updated soon you can sign up on our events page.

Note: If you paid for the December meeting, that cost can be applied to the January meeting.

New GKC ARMA Chapter President Sworn in at the October Board Meeting

Please welcome Sarah Strydom as the new GKC ARMA Chapter President!

Sarah was President-Elect and stepped in to replace outgoing President Laural Byrd. Laural, we wish you the best. Want to reach Sarah? Just email her at president@gkcarma.org

Member Notes

Do you want to attend an ARMA meeting but just can’t seem to escape your office? Why not bring GKC ARMA to you! If you’re interested in hosting a meeting, please email Joanna at Arrangements@gkcarma.org

We’re covering a wide range of topics this year, choose those that will help you advance your goals for the year. Personally, we hope to see you at all of them. (Topics are subject to change.)


Do you have questions about the Board? Learn more about our GKC ARMA Board positions on our About Us page.

Charity for 2017

#GKCARMA is sponsoring Cornerstones of Care for the 2017 calendar year. Their mission is to provide safe and nurturing environments so at-risk youth and young adults can be successful. Please visit our Charity page to learn more or tweet to @cornerstoneskc

If you are interested in older presentations or information, these can be found in our Archives.