Next Meeting – May 9 – Compliance

The Board is looking forward to seeing you at our May 9 meeting. Thanks to Christine Adcock for presenting some case studies.  The presentation will be posted soon.

Also a big thank you to Gen Porter for organizing the CRA, CRM, and IG study groups. You can find out more about the dates and meeting locations for these groups on the Events page. Try out the quiz we took at the April meeting. The link is on our Education page. Download outlines for the IGP and CRA/M study groups.

Next month’s presentation will cover the intersection of information governance and compliance.

You can sign up on our Events page.

  • April 11 – Case Studies – 5 Records Management Case Studies (slides coming soon)
  • May 9- Laura Fey – The Intersection of Compliance and Information Governance.
  • June 13 – Member Appreciation – Looking toward 2018-2019

Special Invitation for GKC ARMA members

GKC ARMA members have been invited to attend INTERFACE-KC free of charge. The 1-day conference is July 12th at the OPKS Convention Center.

Member Notes

Do you want to attend an ARMA meeting but just can’t seem to escape your office? Why not bring GKC ARMA to you! If you’re interested in hosting a meeting, please email Joanna at

We’re covering a wide range of topics this year, choose those that will help you advance your goals for the year. Personally, we hope to see you at all of them. (Topics are subject to change.)


Do you have questions about the Board? Learn more about our GKC ARMA Board positions on our About Us page.

Charity for 2017

#GKCARMA is sponsoring Cornerstones of Care for the 2017 calendar year. Their mission is to provide safe and nurturing environments so at-risk youth and young adults can be successful. Please visit our Charity page to learn more or tweet to @cornerstoneskc

If you are interested in older presentations or information, these can be found in our Archives.