Welcome to Our 2015-16 Chapter Year!


We fight every day for our stature as records management and information governance professionals. Justifying our place and adding value in today’s business world.

Your involvement contributes to the ongoing success of the Greater Kansas City chapter of ARMA International .

To be able to champion ARMA’s goals and mission to your employer and help them understand their Return On Investment as they support you, the networking opportunities that come from being a valued member of this chapter and especially being a member of the board of directors is incomparable as you forge ahead with  your career’s opportunities & options.

Next year Debbi Quiroz will be sworn in as President and I will move to the Past-President position. Tanner has agreed to remain in the Education position for a 2nd year term.

President-Elect – a 3 yr. term, Secretary, Treasurer,  Communications, Membership, and Arrangements Board positions need to be filled and are 2 year terms.

I will be sending an email to all members and attach the position descriptions, estimate of time you may expect to spend in your role and the current board members contact information so you may reach out and ask questions.

If we don’t have a board, we aren’t able to move forward as a chapter and that is a lost opportunity to fuel the pride, respect and importance that you want to feel about your career.

Thank you for your consideration.

Dana L. Russell

President 2015-2016